Our Services

At Hudson Valley Funeral Home, our goal has always been to offer comfort, compassion and guidance during the most difficult of times. Anthony is dedicated to every family, giving each his proper time and attention to ensure all needs are met. We offer traditional funeral services, cremation services and cremation casket rentals. Of course, we will do our best to accommodate any special requests and strive to honor the life of lost loved ones.

Traditional Funeral Services

A traditional funeral usually consists of three key components: the visitation, the funeral service, and the committal service at the cemetery. The visitation is usually held at the funeral home on the night preceding the funeral, and the funeral service may be held at a church or in the funeral home chapel.

Any component of the traditional funeral can be tailored or altogether omitted in order to suit the needs of the family. The term “traditional” should not be misleading. There are no rules or customs to which one must adhere when planning a funeral. One should not worry about offending someone with the choices they make when memorializing their loved one.

Cremation Services

There are many choices as to what is to be done before or after cremation. Traditional services can be planned before or after the cremation. Cremation does not eliminate the need for a funeral service, nor does it require one. The choice is up to you. A funeral service for a loved one who has chosen cremation can be similar to a service for one who has chosen traditional burial. Arrangements and ceremonies are made to honor the life and legacy of the one who has passed on.

► Complete Cremation Service

This option is just like a traditional funeral except the cremation follows rather than the casketed burial. This is usually done using a cremation casket (one that is specifically designed for cremation). Families may rent a cremation casket for this purpose. Once the cremation is completed, the cremated remains are returned to the family for burial, scattering, or for the family’s safekeeping. Urns are used to hold the cremated remains.

► Immediate Cremation Service

This option can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body but is most often followed by a memorial service. A memorial service is one where the body is not present.